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Where is the Typhoon Now? : Typhoon Information by Personalized Media (Twitter Version)
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Typhoon Now! is a service for replying and sharing typhoon information that fits the situation of a Twitter user. Read more...

How to Use This Website?

Where is the typhoon now? Typhoon Now! is typhoon information by personalized media (Twitter version), using a micro blogging service Twitter. (News). Twiphoon is a service to collect the situation of places affected by the typhoon, but Typhoon Now! is a service to query the situation of the typhoon seen from places.

This website analyzes a message within 140 characters called a "tweet" and generates a message that fits appropriately to the context of a user, such as where is the typhoon from a user, or how is the status of storm wind areas and so on. This communication can be shared by other people, so you can also grasp the status by looking at communications by people staying nearby.

You don't need any registration for browsing typhoon information on Typhoon Now! website and Twitter website, because those websites are open to the public. You need registration to Twitter, not to "Typhoon Now!", to participate in "Typhoon Now!".

How to Ask Typhoon Information to 'Typhoon Now!'?

You need to register Twitter to ask information for 'Typhoon Now!'. Please search for many resources on the Web on what Twitter is and how to make a registration on Twitter.

You then login on your user account, and follows the instruction.

  1. Reply to @TyphoonNow.
  2. Add hashtags (later introduced) for distinguishing each typhoon. The hashtags of typhoons are available at @DigitalTyphoonE and @twiphoon also tweets hashtags when a typhoon is formed (in Japanese).
  3. Set the current location, and the location of typhoon is computed from the current location. Otherwise, the system tries to analyze the location from your tweets.
  4. In summary, an ideal tweet is something like "@TyphoonNow Shibuya, Tokyo #melor"
  5. The aggregated "tweet" typhoon information is organized on Typhoon Now! website and published as the archive of tweets by each typhoon.

What is Hashtag?

Please read the instruction of Twiphoon. Basic rules are the same.